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Murals and political art


Belfast political and mural tour; or better known as the traditional Black Cab tour

is an eye opener into Belfast's past. 

A culturally rich city, Belfast is home to traditional Irish culture, traditional Unionist culture, language, sport, music and of course the unique and eye opening political murals.


Belfast is known as a hotbed of political invention and a platform for social progress. The legacy of the conflict is a confident community that attracts interest from actors, writers, politicians and an ever increasing number of tourists from every continent.  The murals and memorials across West, North and East Belfast are a highlight for many visitors keen to learn about the conflict and social history of the city.


Though scarred in places by three decades of civil unrest,  west Belfast is one of the most compelling places to visit. Falls Road and Shankill Road are adorned with famous murals expressing local political and religious passions, and divided by the infamous Peace Wall, separating Catholic and Protestant communities at interfaces. 

Experience the gritty realism and intriguing history of Crumlin Road Jail. A cold and brutal yet stunning Victorian era Jail which housed some of the most famous antagonists of the troubles and political life.  


Visit the world famous peace walls and see the signatures of celebrities, US Presidents, and peace campaigners before adding your own message of hope.


Visit stunningly beautiful churches and cathedrals then be saddened and stunned at the stories of conflict and locations of the worst days of the cities past yet come away with a sense of hope that peace can be achieved and people at the opposite sides of the community are continually striving for togetherness and lasting peace. 

Experience gritty, raw, shocking;  yet inspiring history up close and personal with drivers/guides who have lived through the conflict and have some fascinating stories to tell! 

Tour duration: 

Each cab tour will last 

approximately 2 hours. 


All tours are wheelchair accessible 

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